It is only a few that make their passion their profession. Curd Vercruysse has been able to realize this dream, and with success. Curd loves the present and at the same time has a deep respect for the past. In his profession -or is it an art- he gives the past -and the latter- a bright future. Curd is continuing a family tradition that goes back to 1937.

He restores, imitates, paints, adores and decorates ... With untold respect for authenticity. Numerous assignments at home and abroad have strengthened his métier and earned him a reputation that goes far beyond the country's borders.

Never before as in this throwaway society was so great the urge to bond with keeping the past alive. Curd keeps that bond alive through purely decorative tasks, such as recoating antique furniture, or making a trompe l'oeil ... But also through highly specialized tasks such as restoration of a valuable painting or restoration of an ancient basilica.

Also present deserves attention and with precision craftsmanship your interior will be transformed into a gem, this according to your needs, from classic to contemporary, modern. What Curd takes in hand is ready to face the future!